Moving charges no charge air fares

In moving this industry if there is anything you can in the shortest period of time know, this moving company in a few days ago I heard that so was despised by people in the industry, and charges no up air fares.
Shenzhen province recently found a moving company would like to move, finally home for various reasons did not move, but moving company asked for 50 so-called "air fares". Reporters learned that, in the present province of moving companies charge "air fares", quite different standards.
on August 14, Valentine's day. Ms Liu Qi Li Shan bei Cun live in the provincial capital, this day is a good day as they moved into the new House on this day. The basis of prior agreement, Liu ahead of big sister find a good moving company staff arrived at their house in the morning. However, after looking over the items you want to move, and move from the company that says it wants to increase its fares or it doesn't move.
"was on the phone prices are set well, but they came and temporary increases are so unreasonable! "The afternoon of 16th, Liu sister has moved into their new home when I said of the situation, I still have anger. However, at that time, she was angry that, Liu elder sister said fare increases when it is not moving, moving company who suggested it does not move, but must pay 50 Yuan "air fares". "It's so unreasonable, they did not say in advance what kind of ' air fares ', said after paying. "In spite of feeling is unreasonable, but Liu Dajie are reluctantly paid 50 Yuan.
in this regard, the moving company 18th afternoon, a staff member explained that the charge "air fare" there is anything in them, but is unable to move due to customers reasons is only charging and charging standards are set according to distance.
subsequently, the reporters interviewed found various moving company in the provincial capital, almost every moving company in charge "air fare" but charge standard, some others may charge 50 Yuan, some charge 60 Yuan, most charging 100 Yuan. "Your ' air fares ' is mainly to prevent customers from a temporary default, our human and material losses. "A moving company owner explained.

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