When we moved, and some cheap corruption shall not

Moving to outsiders, especially working family in familiar, as the work changes, its own direction of development, has to be "sport". City moving company is a professional moving service center. For the city's need to move crowds provide a lot of help.
the years labor and fuel costs and increases in home relocation services center is a professional moving services, Center, although this reduces the moving company profit margins but the moving company was reluctant to price. Due to the moving industry competitive, some moving companies in order to drum up business or even offer extra services like free cardboard boxes, free entry ... But behind all this free service then going to this?
some moving companies say, the moving company will provide free services to attract customers, some companies truly offer our customers convenience, while some companies a disguised attempt to block money. Free dismantle air conditioners, for example, some moving companies in air conditioning and machine deliberately closed air-conditioned fluoridation of the valve so that air conditioning will not work properly with, more than 100 more a month maintenance fees will hit the moving company's pocket.