N cheats moves in the Office no longer conundrum

Office move required careful and cautious thing, the moving company summed up the experience, I believe that following these points, moving can be completed with ease.
1, and determine relocation date and the time
2, and prepared new Office plane figure, and planning items location
3, and notification manufacturers moved new, phone and the date
4, and finishing personal items boxing and package
5, and computer and the phone, demolition
6, and OA office home furniture demolition
7, and distribution personnel guard, prepared relocation
8, and command handling who, will Office information Cabinet positioning
9, and OA Office furniture installation positioning
10, computer and telephone wiring installation
11, public and private boxes positioned
12, carton packaging recycling
1, plan to color, is simple and straightforward.
2, items marked code, than with the words simple and convenient.
3, Office relocations than the average family moved more professionalism, not simply moving fees as decided to use a moving company.