Deal becomes clearer, making prices more transparent

Moving companies is not to prove how noble, is to make employers more confidence and satisfaction. With more transparent pricing, you my true service.
floors: no elevator or lift cannot be used when handling, every upper and lower layer to floor charge 10 Yuan, starting from the seventh floor, each floor plus 20 per cent when each charge 10 Yuan.
multiple handling fees: each additional in transit loading (discharging) location plus 100 Yuan (limited to 10 kilometers).
extra charges: moving out and moving into place after the actual distances greater than 10 km, each exceeded one kilometre charge 5 Yuan.
long distance fees: when the vehicle is unable to dock at the loading point, manual handling of more than 15 meters, plus RMB 2 per over 1 m.
night resort fee: late 20:00---early 6:00 jobs, plus RMB 50 per train.
delay time: caused by client job EMU is in place not delay work, plus 80 yuan per hour.
empty charge: once the vehicle, when customers cancel car idle running fee of 100 Yuan on each train.
valuables: more than more than 200 liter refrigerator, 34-inch TV, LCD TV, safes, photocopiers, 50-200 Yuan valuables on each piece. High-grade porcelain, antiques, crafts, tools, works of art, Aquarium and glassware invites guests on a separate insurance.
carton fee:
1, and display carton 45cm x 45cm x 45cm, each 15 Yuan Yuan;
2, and information box box 60cm x 40cm x 40cm, each 15 Yuan Yuan;
3, and plastic storage real box rental plastic storage real box, each daily 4 Yuan Yuan
designed sent fee: designed sent carton each charges 100-200 Yuan Yuan
furniture disassembly fee:
1, and General boss Taiwan 1.5 meters following General boss Taiwan each Zhang 50 Yuan Yuan
2, and partition added desk partition added desk each work bit 50 Yuan Yuan
3, and conference table 1.8 meters above large conference table each Zhang 100 Yuan Yuan
air conditioning disassembly: window machine 100 Yuan/sets; 1.5P wall machine 180 yuan/sets; 2P Cabinet machine 240 Yuan/sets; 3P Cabinet machine 300 sets; playing hole 50-80 Yuan/a; added tube 60-80 Yuan/meters; added fluoride 60 Yuan/pressure.
services: manual handling unwanted vehicles, charges 50 Yuan RMB/per hour.