In the process of moving fragile items artful arrangement

Moving time should try to avoid damage to things, how to properly handle the fragile things, moving company tips your tips.
the bowls, plates, cups separated by category, in accordance with the kind of packing not only grooming jobs easily out of the box, packing efficiency is very high. When packaging food, bowls, plates, cups, and one wrapped together if more than one package, you will have a rupture because of friction. Into before eating, paper balled newspaper, placed in the bottom of the box as a buffer.
1, plates should be standing, Cup Bowl lid into position.
2, by great start in, top half should be put light items.
3, available between stacked crumple the newspaper to serve as a buffer.
4, please note that the center of gravity position for balance.
5, boxes, gaps, please put the newspaper to serve as a buffer.