About Us

Sanya fast logistics Ltd was founded in 1996, is the result of Sanya City Charter, City Department of transportation approval, the city administration of formal registration of the private logistics companies! Registered capital of 2.58 million large logistics companies, headquartered in the lizhigou timber mill, professional management of Highway freight line from Sanya to major cities in the country, railway, aviation, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express, long short-distance cargo 0 vehicle stowage, and combined transport operations. Companies adhering to the "just work" and "honesty and dedication," the spirit of ten years of transportation experience, combining the essence of each logistics company, let you sit home and receive the national order.

Sanya shortcut logistics limited relies on modified into more than 300 more than freight vehicles, Sanya benefits up logistics, and Sanya logistics, and Sanya logistics company, and Sanya freight, and Sanya freight company, and Sanya transport company, and Sanya goods transport company, and Sanya checked, and Sanya checked company, and Sanya pet checked, and Sanya large transport, and Sanya car transport, and Sanya luggage checked flat, and v type, and general goods, long-distance transport vehicles, carried out country integrated highway transport business. Was formed during the years of continuous exploration and development of the company in the "integrity and reputation more important than life" business philosophy, relying on strong-owned fleet resources, excellent storage facilities, advanced road transport network and efficient computer information systems, professional management staff, high qualified staff, now forms the modern commodities trading and logistics enterprises.

our service aim is "to serve to win the market, reputation and development". At present the Group's business throughout the country, in the East, South, Central, North and West, and established a trading network, and improve its services, lean logistics based in Sanya, Sanya, operations in the region as a whole. Expand to other areas of the company in order to develop further, and development strategic joint venture partners for a total of 53. Since its establishment cultivating the talents of a number of driving skills, was involved in the three gorges project, six power plants in Guizhou, the Daya Bay nuclear power plant, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chengdu, Lanzhou, phase II and phase III project of Dalian, Wuhan airport transport, secure and efficient service by our customers alike!

all lines are the implementation of vehicle less-than-truckload, same day delivery, line direct, door-to-door, feedback, person in charge, full warranty, integrity price level. Railway freight transportation to railways reach all city services are: parcel, express parcel shipping, Railway Express, containers, wagons and arrival in kilobytes, and other services. Air cargo transport, security, fast, direct access to the navigation more than more than 40 cities in China, international air cargo through Hong Kong to all over the world. Freight parts 20-hour arrivals, price level and easy, tons of cars at your service around the clock, welcome to make an appointment. International Express, shorten the distance between you and your customer, send your file samples quickly and accurately to all over the world, so you liking a hundredfold, business superior. Meanwhile, the logistics company also provides large, medium and small machine lifting, shifting, long short moving relocation, handling packaging transportation service, making you feel more peace of mind.